You Vs. You

I want to dive straight into a huge problem many of us have. Making life a constant you versus you battle. It’s almost like in the cartoons when the character has one guy on each shoulder that resembles themselves. On one shoulder you have an angel, or the good conscience and on the other shoulder you have the devil, also known as the evil spirit that lives within us.

Although it may not be as drastic, we all go through the process of some sort of self-talk. Sometimes it can be inspirational and uplifting, while other times it can be very harmful and negative. It’s literally two different sides of yourself battling each other. This is a certain struggle that seems to last a lifetime. A lot of us have problems overcoming this battle or end up on the winning side because we psyche ourselves out.

What can we do when we go down the wrong path, due to our own mindset, and keep heading down that way? Sometimes we have a major problem snapping ourselves out of it when we start doing things we know deep down we shouldn’t be doing. When I was drinking or doing drugs I knew I was going down that wrong path. I’d tell myself I wouldn’t do that stuff anymore. I would say it was my last time. There would always be another voice though that would tell me that I couldn’t quit those bad habits I wanted to leave behind. It felt like I wanted to keep drinking to have a good time. I wanted to get high to feel alive on the inside that I couldn’t seem to feel when I was sober.

There’s a point in your life when you start to appreciate it more and more. Once you feel this appreciation, you start to realize you don’t need to give into your bad habits anymore. You are more than you give yourself credit for. Things start to go well and you are truly happy when you stay sober, or stay away from junk food and workout more. Maybe you stop smoking cigarettes. Whatever your negative habits are that you face in your own battles, you realize you’re better off without your vices in your life except there is one problem.

The problem is that there’s no on and off switch. Urges can hit you hard out of no where, for no reason at all. It can catch you totally by surprise and come out of the blue. Some times are harder than other times to shake that feeling off. Time and time again you will fail. No matter how hard you try, sometimes it seems like it’s just not good enough. When this happens it’s so important to not dwell in the failure aspect of our efforts. Learn from it and just give it another go.

Don’t be scared to be unsuccessful because that fear can drag you down in life. Don’t let yourself tell you that it’s impossible. The important part is that you’re giving it your all. I can not stress how important embracing who you are is to winning the “you vs. you” battle. Even if they’re things you don’t like about yourself, they’re still a part of you. That part of yourself that you don’t like may have gotten you in trouble in the past, but it’s there for a reason to teach you about life and the world you live in. It teaches you what you need to know to conquer and thrive to a successful future.

Learn from that side of you that always seems to be battling your true self. Grow into mature adults who can teach other people how to overcome similar obstacles. You have to ask yourself who you currently are and who you want to be. Do they match up? If yes, then that’s awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing. If not, like me, keep working on yourself. The majority of us go through this battle, so you’re not alone. Make a list of things you want to change about yourself. Really think about what you think and feel could use some changing. Work on this list, one thing at a time until you shape yourself into the person you want to be and like seeing in the mirror.