About Blogs for the Mind

Blogs for the Mind is more than just a blogging site. The goal here is to build a community where we can all relate to each other. In our everyday lives, it can be very easy to forget to be true with ourselves as well with others, about what we are feeling. There’s struggles I battle with on a daily basis and this is why I made Blogs for the Mind. In each blog, I talk about issues that, I believe, can relate to a lot of individuals out there in the world. Ranging from trying to lose weight, to being a father of a newborn, and talking about past drug and alcohol problems. In all honesty, I haven’t overcome all of my problems so I’m here to share the journey with others who are going through their own thing. Whether or not you have overcome your addictions or negative behaviors isn’t the main theme here. It’s how did you get to where you are today. If you’re still struggling, that’s alright, but how did you get there. If you’re happy in life, how did you break through and get to where you needed to be to feel complete. Some of us never figure it out and have so many regrets that we don’t know what to do with ourselves, while other people seem so put together. I want to have that community aspect where all different types of people can comment on my blogs and give their input and share their stories as well. Feel free to be completely honest here because although we start out as strangers, we are all among friends in our Blogs for the Mind community.