Keep Breathing for a Deeper Meaning

Take a deep breath. Sit somewhere secluded and comfortable. If you like silence, make sure it’s quiet where you are.  You could be in your favorite room in the house. Maybe a favorite spot at a lake or a cabin. Somewhere you genuinely find beautiful and peaceful. 

Breathe inAll the stress you’ve been building up all week will begin to dissipate with this step. Sit down with your back straight. You could be on a pillow, on the floor, on your bed. Wherever you feel comfortable. Don’t overthink it. Just do it. Breathe in. Feel where your breath is going. All the way down to your stomach. Feel your mind begin to calm and ease up on thoughts. This part feels so relaxing. It feels amazing. Breathe in through your nose. I like breathing in for about four seconds to make sure my lungs are filled with air.

Breathe out – Thoughts will fight their way back into your mind. Don’t fight it. Just let it calmly float by. Bring yourself back to a center. Feel the negative energy blow out of your mouth when you exhale. There’s no need to hold onto it anymore. Let it float away with ease. 

Breathe in –  Again, thoughts will try to fight their way in again. It’s not about letting them in or fighting against them…just let it pass by. Acknowledge it for what it is. Your brain is at work…heavily…every single minute of every single day.  It’s used to doing this automatically. You are throwing your mind off, in a good way, of course. 

Breathe out – feel the quiet. Feel like waves are passing through your body. Feel your mind and body at peace for this moment. Feel a separation from your ego. Know that you are not you at this moment. Your struggles..your negative traits..your problems..drug habits..problems with alcohol..relationships…All of this…You’re not any of it. Does that make sense to you? I’ll say it again.  All of this… You’re not any of it. 

Breathe in – now that you are a separate entity from your identity you can focus on what’s important. Let the answers come to you from your higher being. You can believe in God, in aliens, be an atheist and believe in your own consciences, for all I care you can believe we are a simulation and believe a scientist has us under a petri dish. Let whoever you’re inspired by talk to you. 

Breathe out – when you pray you are talking. This is not prayer. This is listening. Hear the answers come to you. However you hear them. In a deep man’s voice, a woman’s voice, your friend or family member’s voice or even your own voice. Eventually answers will come. Listen to them seriously. You will start to notice answers come to you. Maybe not the first, second or even third time..Just listen. 

The deeper you get in meditation, the more will come to you. You will feel like you are becoming more free, the more you practice. You can learn different things each time so listen carefully but don’t go into it expecting anything. Let it all come naturally. Believe me, this life has a deeper meaning to it than materialism and sex. That’s pretty much what our society is all about. There’s so much more. Although I fall victim to this way of thinking sometimes, I know ultimately what makes me happy is my family. Spending quality time with them.  There’s no need for much else. A decent home or apartment to live in, some food, being in touch with my soul and my sports of course! That’s what life is for me.  

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