Let the Fears Lead You to Success

Coming back to your healthy habits after months of fucking around, to put it frankly, can be both intimidating and yet so relieving. I stopped working out. I stopped writing blogs. My life seemed to just come to a crashing halt very suddenly. I’m not complaining about this, but I am learning a lot from it.

This week there’s a lot going on. Who here reading this is going through a separation or divorce? Do you both have any children? This can be one of life’s hardest situations and I’m living it, but I refuse to let it take me down. On the contrary, it actually helped fuel me to do better for myself and to look out for my well being as well as my daughters’.

Being in a marriage where everything is blamed on you, or your partner simply is not helping out as much as they should takes a toll on your mind and soul. I was feeling dead on the inside until I decided to take action this week and recommend we separate and live in different places.

I won’t go into too much detail about my situation, but the thing about it is that instead of letting your fears take control of you, let those same fears lead you to success. Let it give you the inspiration to write your first blog in God knows how many months. Let it make the music flow through your veins and get writing. Let it make you get to the gym and start perfecting your body the way you would like to and get back to a healthy version of yourself.

Not everybody needs this kind of kick in the ass to get them to better themselves but sometimes when I’m coasting in life and just hanging on, I forget just how powerful my mindset can be. I’m back and it feels better than ever. I feel the hurt. I feel the joy. I feel the pain and I feel the glee. The thing is I feel again! God did I miss this. The circumstances are unfortunate but I feel like myself again.

I hope everybody reading this who doubts themselves or holds themselves back knows that they have it in them to progress to your goals. You can do this and I know this because I believe in myself. You can succeed if you truly want to. Through the good and the bad times just know that tomorrow will always come and life will go on.

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