My Very First Father’s Day: Part 1

By the title alone, it’s very likely I can relate to most of the fathers out there, both experienced and brand new. Yesterday was father’s day and I spent my Sunday with my wife and daughter (like I usually do.) My wife took me out to dinner and she got me a new pair of headphones so I can listen to music while I work out at the gym. She even made me a little poster with our daughter’s footprints shaped like a heart. It was a very beautiful thing to do and so thoughtful on my wife’s part to do something like that for me.

As I’m writing this, I’m taking a moment to truly appreciate what my wife and child mean to me. What would life be like without them? I couldn’t even imagine. It’s crazy to think only five months ago my daughter wasn’t even here yet. She’s already growing up way too quick. It’s amazing the things she’s learning and how fast that’s all happening. It really is a miracle watching her grow up right before my eyes.

To anybody reading this, if you have children, this is a good time to remember that when life, work or financial stresses get the best of you that you are still blessed enough to have a child in your life who believes that you’re a superhero. Everyday alive is a blessing. I believe in a higher power and I’d like to give that higher power thanks and praise right now. Sometimes I lose sight of how good I really do have it, but right now at this very moment, I feel it! I really am appreciative of this random and crazy thing we call life.

It always hits me hard when I lift my daughter in the air and she smiles and makes the craziest noises out of excitement while I pretend to make her fly. That look of pure enjoyment and happiness gives me hope for this world. Anytime I’m feeling down, she lifts my spirits back up again. She looks at me like she’s in love everyday when I get home from work. That always warms my heart and keeps me going. There is nothing quite as precious as the love between a father and his daughter.

I know I still have a lifetime of parenting to learn, but everything I’ve been through as a dad, (not ever sleeping…like ever! That frustrating high blood pressure feeling when no matter what I do she won’t stop crying. The sacrifice of her mother and I not having any alone time to go out on dates with each other. The financial sacrifices, have you noticed the prices or diapers, wipes, baby clothes or toys lately? Not to mention the loss of my precious personal sanity at times.) It’s all worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing. This parenting thing has some very humbling effects on a person. I was never much of a selfish man, although I had my moments, but this experience of parenthood teaches you to be a giver, along with a nurturer.
Once you have a child life isn’t about you anymore. Who cares about your needs because now you’re a provider and the protector of another human life, and that’s the part about being a parent I don’t mind one bit.

You’re literally molding another human being to be a good person all around. You want them to be nice. To have manners and contribute to society in a positive way. What parent wouldn’t want that. Every parent out there, remember that every child is sacred and precious. We are privileged enough to have this special extension of ourselves. Don’t take that for granted. All you have to do is try your best and use some common sense. We all fear making mistakes when it comes to children, but if you give it your all, your child will grow up one day and thank you for being part of their life and leading the way for them. Spoil your kids with love and not material. You want them to earn things in their life rather than just giving them everything. I know there’s something in us that we just want to give our kids everything we didn’t have, but where would you be if you didn’t have to work for anything in your life. You’d probably be a completely different person and less appreciative of the good things that come to us.

People will give you advice. Some of it good, some of it we just won’t use in our life. Just go with your gut when it comes to your child. Parenthood can be tough, but the hard parts of it don’t come close to comparing with the rewards. These kids make us feel alive again. It gives us a chance to see how we were when we first came into this world. Before we changed because of society. They grow up so quickly. Don’t rush a thing. It’s nice to ponder about the past and dream about the future but enjoy the show that happens in the present. Don’t blink because you may end up missing some valuable moments!