Changing for the Better

Look deep into your soul. Are you somebody that you would care about or want to be with? Some of us are wonderful people and will not relate to this struggle, but some of us are constantly at battle with ourselves making mistake after mistake just to find ourselves again. You make these mistakes that you know will come back to haunt you but in the moment you could care less about the repercussions.

My marriage recently took a turn for the worse and although she made her fair share of mistakes, I’ve come to realize that I didn’t help anything by the actions I was taking. I was making mistake after mistake all because I lost who I was. I can’t remember the last time I actually felt like”Me”.

Recently I started taking small steps to become the man I want to see in the mirror. That means eating healthier again, sending a prayer up above once in a while, doing things more mindfully in a meditative way, working out and going on more walks, writing more music and trying to blog regularly.

Everyone has their own set of habits they would like to keep up with and some habits they need to drop to live a normal and successful life. When you drop everything for someone, even with the best intentions, you can’t love as strong because you are not loving yourself to your fullest potential. It’s a full time job trying to keep others’ happy along with yourself. It’s a job you can’t afford to call out from. Set some time to do what you need to do to become a better person.

Change for the better. Change for yourself. Yes, it’s nice to change for other people, but does that really ever work? Odds are it doesn’t. Change you make for other people tend to not stick because you’re not doing it for yourself. You’re just doing it to impress the other person. Start living for yourself. That doesn’t mean living selfishly. No, I’m talking about being a completely selfless person. So how can you tell if you’re being selfish or selfless if both of those things can be living for yourself?

Living for yourself selfishly – I can go out any night I want to even though I have family at home waiting for me. It doesn’t matter what time I come home because I only have one life to live and I’m going to live for me! I’m going to have another drink because it doesn’t matter. Who cares? It’s just another drink. She’s pretty..let me strike up a conversation with her and see if I can get her number…It’s just innocent flirting. Man, I’m hungry…I’ll stop at the Mcdonald’s drive-thru on the way home because I don’t feel like cooking at home.

Living for yourself selflessly – I should get home because I have work early in the morning, also I do have a wife and daughter waiting for me and I can’t wait to see them tonight. I’m good with just one drink tonight. I have to get home anyway and don’t want to drive home drunk or come stumbling home. She’s pretty but I shouldn’t be flirting with her because I value my marriage and don’t want anything to come in between us. I’m hungry…I’ll stop at the grocery store and get something healthy I can make really quick before I go to the gym.

See the difference? Two ways of living for yourself. One will push everyone around you away and prevent you from reaching your goals and possibly put you in danger. Being selfless can lead you to your goals, keep you from harms way and create and maintain solid, long lasting relationships. Do yourself a favor and start to change for the better…not for somebody else, but do it for yourself!